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It has been a while since I last updated and I hope you all have been keeping well.

Summer has steadily crept by; children are back at school, days are getting shorter and we are all noticing the cold bite in the early morning air.

But, as with the changing of the seasons, there have been other changes in life too. Last month my family and I had to say a goodbye to our most trusted and loyal four-legged family member, Gambit. I can not say how hollow, empty and numb we feel at this time and, as I mentioned, Gambit was not just a pet but he was family. For such a small dog he has lived a very eventful and adventurous life and in his fifteen years he has been on holidays, went on boat trips, explored caves and hiked up hills. He was always at our side and often attended outdoor book signing events and was including in some of my author photoshoots. The photo attached is the last photoshoot I had with Gambit and, although it did not turn out all that well, I decided to use it. Gambit loved his bowties and if you search on Instagram, you will find his account with many photos.

Sometimes, talking about certain subjects can be hard. As with the recent passing of our Queen, Queen Elizabeth II - who, for 70 years, has been on the throne - her death has been felt all around the world, and has raised many questions from young children. If you are a parent or a teacher, you may know one or two books that help, but there are a number of children books that address these subjects in a gentle manner and can be found under the hashtag "Books That help". Set up by award winning author Clare Helen Walsh, "Books That Help" have a number of categories that feature subjects such as: moving house; environment issues; war; shyness; anxiety, worry & fears; and death and grief where you will find my book Goodbye Mother bear listed. Please do check out the full list on Clare's website [] and if you know of any books you would like to recommend or any other subjects that you would like to mention, then please do drop her a message.

Until next time.

Adam x


2007 - 2022

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