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Hello everyone.

I hope you are all keeping well and safe.

It does not seem possible that October is nearing the end. I spent the first few weeks of this month ill so I had to cancel some of my talks and interviews and have been delayed in updating and posting. Thankfully I am back on my feet now!

Did you know what a busy month October is?

Apart from the most awaited Halloween, October is also known for celebrating Black History Month, Grandparents Day, World Singing Day, World Teachers Day, Diwali, Recycle Week, National Cat Day and many, many more. The 4th October is also known as World Dyslexia Awareness Day although some charities do class October at Dyslexia Awareness Month like how I do. For those who suffer from it Dyslexia lasts us all year round so it is best to spread awareness when we can. I was diagnosed when I was 5 years old and, due to my dyslexia, I was never allowed to be ahead or on the same level as the rest in my class. When we all finished our exercise book (Book 1) and advanced to Book 2, I had to re-do my first book all over again. As I fell behind I felt like I was holding the others back although some of the work such as colouring or copying, I could do just as well or better. Although schooling has changed a lot since then, children and adults who suffer with dyslexia, or any other disability, are still struggling or being held back. If you go to a cashpoint and got three £10 notes, two of which are crisp and clean but one slightly creased and tatty, would that tatty note be worth any less the the other two?

Because someone had dyslexia or any other disability does not make them any less. Hopefully, in the future, this will stop.

As an author, I never stop writing and I am over joyed to report that my new book will be launching soon. This is a collection of children short stories and I will be updating you all again in the next few days so do watch this space! As with like my other books, I hope my new one will inspire both children and adults that anything is possible and nothing should hold you back from achieving your dream.

All the best.


PHOTO: Me 1990's.

Taken by Clive Searle

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