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Easter News

It has been some time since I last posted (January can you believe!) and during this time there has been a lot going on. In the UK we are slowly getting back to our feet after all what has happened over the past year. Small and independent businesses, musician, artists, authors and many more have all struggled during these hard times, so please do shop locally if you can and support those who are in need. Last month was Mothers Day and I put up this photo of me as a child with my mum on Instagram. Mum was reading me a puzzle book where we had to solve the clues which was fun but something I could not do myself as I could not read it. Mum read to me a lot and helped me to learn to read which is not easy when you are dyslexic but something I am forever grateful for. So, all mothers out there, always remember to take time to read to your children.

And now Easter is almost here once again. I hope you all have your chocolate Easter Eggs and have enjoyed your Hot Cross buns. I am spending this Easter writing and, I may have so very good news to share with you all real soon.

So until then HAPPY EASTER, take care and stay safe. x

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