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Goodbye Mother Bear - OUT MONDAY!


I hope everyone has been enjoying the summer so far.

I have been away spenting quality time with my family in Norfolk where I have been exploring the sites and doing a bit of nature watching and relaxing on the beach. But I have also been keeping busy in my writing work and a lot of my time has been with Goodbye Mother Bear (book number one in a brand new series) which is out this Monday (2nd August). It will be released in both paperback and hardback and also on kindle via Amazon. No matter where you are in the world my book is avalible to purchase on-line including including my shop page so please do pre-order today if you would like a signed copy.

As always please do help by spreading the word and sharing, talking or recommending my books to your friends, neighbours or to the local school and libraries.

Thank you.

Until next time.

Adam x

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