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I hope everybody is well and staying safe.

2020 did not go as we all planned, did it? It was a very demanding and frightening year for us all and saying "thanks" does not seem enough for those who worked on the front line or who helped and supported the country in any way, no matter how small it may have been, it all helped. 2021 is just around the corner and I am staying positive that it will be a better and positive year. I have been working hard on a number of new stories, and a brand new book WILL be released next year - it is a good one so watch this space.

Anyway, it is Christmas Eve so I will not keep you all as you as I am sure you are all excited and getting ready in your snuggly pajamas or onesies or hats (just like my dog Gambit) and I hope you all sleep well tonight. And remember to leave a mince pie out for Father Christmas for when he does his rounds - and don't forget a carrot too for the hard working reindeers.

Until then, from both Gambit and I - we wish you all a very Merry Christmas.

Adam & Gambit

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