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RIP Wendy

One of the few names who helped me to reach my dream of being an author. Wendy and I first met back in 1997 when I was looking for an illustrator for my story "the Big & The Little Monster" she saw potential in my work and was more than happy to help me to bring my books to life with her wonderful drawings. Working with Wendy was fun and we enjoyed a good laugh and chat as we worked. 

The photo above was taken when we did a book signing at W H Smith in Kingston-Upon-Thames, last November. It was a successful signing and we both enjoyed meeting, talking and answering questions to everyone who came to visit us . We had a good time doing the signing and I wish that we could have done more. 

Wendy will be missed not only by myself but everyone who has met or read one of our books. 

RIP Wendy ❤️


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