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I hope you are all keeping well.

Summer is here and with it comes a lot of (hopefully) sunshine. And with it comes the time schools and towns hold their markets or fairs.

Earlier this month I had the pleasure of setting up and selling my books at The Molesey Carnival. If you are local to Molesey or to the area then you probably know the history of the towns carnival which has been running every year since the 70s (apart from during covid!) and it is really a big communitee event with lots to see and do. As a child I have fond memories of visiting the carnival, trying my luck on the games or the lucky dip, watching the parade and buying sweets. So to take part this year was a dream come true - so thank you to the carnival commitee for making it happen.

This saturday I will be taking part at Cranmere Primary & Nursary school in Esher. So if you are a teacher, parent, student or, someone local, please do come and visit. A lot of children have had photos taken with my Faraday Bear stand during the last few events and Faraday will be joining me again this Saturday too, so make sure your phone or camera are fully charged to snap some photos.

More news will come soon, so take care and all the best.

Adam x

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