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Hope everyone has been well and keeping safe.

It has been some time since I last posted, but with everything going on with Covid and cancelling my signings, there has been little to report on.

But, as you can see, I have been far from lazy. My website has been cleaned out and updated with the help from the fantastic John Iley. Please do check out my website and make sure you check out the free stories which I had added which you can find on my "STORIES" page, plus a lot more merchandise which is up for sale on my SHOP page.

As with many indie authors, I am unsure when I will be staring my signings or giving talks at schools, and with Christmas steadily approaching, it is a hard and upsetting time to be missing out on as I really do enjoy my book signings at schools and in stores. As it looks I may not be doing any signings until next sprint but lets keep our fingers crossed that, that will all change.

Currently I am working on my first chapter book for older children and two children's picture books including a brand new Big & Little Monster book which Wendy had been working on.

If you have a website and need someone to give it a look then please do contact John Iley as he is highly recommended -

Until next time.


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