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Do you like being scared?


Then prepare to face your own worst nightmares as you step into the dark realms of horror and terror.


Enter the old house where children have gone and are never seen again.

Face the terror that lurks each night in a cemetery.

And beware of what sinister thing dwells inside of an old, hidden cupboard.


From sinister scarecrows, dolls, curses and dark woods, you are guaranteed a bone-chilling frightful night with these 15 short stories that will haunt you while you sleep.


SKU: 978-1916298552
  • BOOK: CHILDENS (8yrs+)


    ISBN: 978-1916298552

    PAGE: 114

    SIZE: 15.24 x 0.61 x 22.86 cm

    ILLUSTRATIONS: Black + White

    PUBLISHED: 2022



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